Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In My Heart

It was a cold rainy June day,
When you left my world so gray,
I still remember kissing your icy cold cheeks,
As warm tears slide from my eyes,
I still remember,
Those moments we shared in joy,
The memories we created,
and the dreams that we made,
But now,
it seems like ages away,
but every memories i treasured,
and every dreams i make come true,
Sometimes i can't believe you're gone,
You always swore you'd never leave me alone,
When i see all the other girls with their father,
The pain in my heart was unbearable,
If you were here, i know what I'd do,
I'll stay by your side and never let go,
But even though you're gone, You'll be forever,
In my heart.

I would like to dedicate this poems to those who have lost a father....
And to those who still have their father, please treasure each moment you
have with them , for you might not know what lies a head....
Happy Father's Day....

Sharinah Ibrahim

1 comment:

  1. I wrote this poem when on the 15th June to all those who have lost their father for father's day and i wanted to send a message to my father that i'll tresure him with all my heart....but a week or so after i posted this poem, i received the news of my fathers death on 25th june 2010.....is it coincidence or is it a message sent to me in advance?