Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something forgotten.....

For some reason I keep feeling as though I have forgotten something....something rather important to me, something that would have meant a lot to me....but it was lost...lost for so long that I couldn't remember when was the last time I've seen it. I keep asking myself what could that missing thing be...but even after hours of mind boggling, I still couldn't find what it is that I have so dearly forgotten. My heart sensed a new burden for as long as I do not remember it, my soul won't be at peace. Days and nights I keep thinking and I try to penetrate deep into my thought hoping that sooner it'll come back to me. But it was on a cold rainy night that i finally discovered what I have forgotten all this days. My mother's laugher. The woman who bored me for nine month have forgotten how to laugh and I have forgotten the sound of her laughter. It was as though she had buried it with my father. She smiled but it does not reach her eyes, she's happy but it does not reach her mind......but most importantly she's brave but it does not reach her heart. She used to be beautiful and young even though her age was pushing fifty....but within months, she became old...older than her age lets her to be.
I know she's alone, tormented inside and very much weak but who am i to change the fate that the god have decided upon us....i cannot bring my father back, i cannot travel back time nor can I make her forgot everything as though nothing happened. But there are things I can do....I'll put a smile on that face, I'll make her laugh again with all her heart, I'll take care of her just the way she took care of me since i was little, I'll build new memories with her that she can cherish for the rest of her life but most vitally I'll give her hope....hope that everything will be fine and someday we'll find our happiness in a whole new journey of life. That I will promise to you Ma.....Love you forever and ever more.

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